You can’t believe it! All your friends told you not to do it, but you still joined that online dating app. And look what you have now! A true mate!

You have been connected now for quite some time. All this time you have messaged each other a million times. He’s funny, he’s attractive, and he’s smart and kind. He has an incredible job, although it’s a tad too demanding. From the messages, you can truly feel that he’s falling for you. This is the One. You cannot be more thrilled about it.

It’s just back luck that you haven’t video chatted because of that strange internet connection. Voice chat isn’t feasible either as his boss is quite demanding and keeps him in the office all the time. He even works through his lunch hour – the poor guy.

Everything is going just fine when out of the blue, your soul-mate asks you for 500 bucks. He’s in a pickle with his boss, screwed up an account and now he has to reimburse, or someone in the family is sick and all his dough is locked up in a scheme that he’d just heard about. The sky is falling!

You pause. You know you’re smarter than a fifth-grader. You’ve seen the shows about people getting catfished. You’ve heard all the rumors. A friend of a friend of a friend thought he had found true love and then ended up losing a couple of thousand dollars just to find out it was a scam.

But still, you hesitate. Alright, so there are a lot of scammers out there, but this doesn’t feel the same. People do have emergencies, they have bosses who push them in a tight spot. What if this is the real deal? What would it feel like if you let a little suspicion get in the way of your love life? A person who is so tender-hearted and gentle couldn’t be a scam artist. Absolutely not.

You start receiving a dozen gratitude messages per minute. You are a life-saver, you are a messiah. You feel like you’ve just been given the “Noble prize for peace”. You definitely feel good about yourself and you feel closer to your mate. You both were put in a difficult situation and you survived as a couple. Hoorah!

But, less than a week passes when you get another distressed message. You suddenly realize that in these few months, you’ve never moved on from texts. The situation is worse, the messages say. All the money is lost, need $5000 more. There is no way in hell you can come up with this amount. Messages oozing with promises and pledges start dropping in. But you just can’t do it. You dig up the hole you dug for your suspicions and pull them all out. You refuse outright. That is the last time from this person again.

Too late, you realize, you’ve been catfished. According to the FDA, people have lost millions of dollars this way. So how can you protect yourself against these con-artists on a flirt app? Find out the tricks of the trade.

The good news is that even though there are scammers out there, millions of people have found friendship and love through a dating app. It has become the most common way for people to meet.

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