What should you do and what shouldn’t you do before meeting a Dubai escort?

What should you do and what shouldn’t you do before meeting a Dubai escort?

Of course that there are some certain unwritten rules when it comes to meeting a Dubai escort, but not all rules are regarding her. He who calls an escort must make sure of some certain things. Down below you will find highlighted the most important aspects worth to be taken into consideration.

What should a customer do?

The customer must show respect as well as on e-mail and on the phone. He must be polite as if he met someone new and to remember the fact that a Dubai escort is a person who probably knows more than she shows.

The customer must read all the information he found on the webpage where he found the escort. He should verify the information a night before visiting in order to be sure about the payment and other rules the escort might have.

The customer should call the escort from his car if he needs indications for the location. He should not call from the lobby of the hotel or from any other location where he can be overheard by too many persons because most escorts try to be discrete, so that before entering the building the customer must be sure that he knows the exact location.

The customer must know how to respect the restrictions imposed by the escort and not to expect from her to do something she said she wouldn’t do at the beginning.

The customer should take a shower before the appointment and to use his own condoms. He should also tell the escort if he is allergic to something because of them use aromatic candles, lotions or some pets. Some of them even smoke.

When choosing Dubai escorts, the customer must know the fact that he makes the best decision ever because this hot women know how to do their job and will provide him with hours of total pleasure.

What shouldn’t a customer do:

The customer should not brush his teeth or use mouth water with 30 minutes before appointment. He should do this in the morning several hours before the appointment. If he uses cologne he should use it behind the ears and on the wrists.

Some escorts have their flexible rates but this will not be mentioned on the website. The customer should not bargain with the escort about the price.

The customer should not use the bathroom of the escort when urinating. He can do that in the hotel lobby or in the bathroom of a nearby restaurant.

The customer should not bring food, drinks or flowers unless specifically mentioned before on the phone.

The customer should not discuss about other escorts or ask the escort how many clients she has had so far because this is impolite.

Having all things considered, the obvious conclusion to be drawn is that you respect all this rules you will have the experience of your live with a hot Dubai escort that can barely wait to satisfy you.

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