In the TV series Lie To Me, Cal Lightman played brilliantly by Tim Roth comes out with some brilliant and quotable lines. I think my favourite, and certainly the most pertinent to me is this one; “We all pay for sex one way or another. At least hookers are honest about the price”. Hoorah! Someone in the mainstream has finally said it. The sex industry is under huge pressure at the moment, especially in and via the United States, with SESTA and FOSTA making sex workers less safe all across America but also giving social media and big tech companies even more excuse to censor and ban or shadow ban escorts and escort agencies from the internet and social media. But at least it is leading to open conversations about sex work.

For example, the assumption is that men hire escorts because either they cannot find a girlfriend, are away from home, or at not getting sex at home. All those things are true of course, but many clients who pay for time with Marbella escorts do so because they want to get laid with zero emotional entanglement, no effort or time investment and, often, paying less money for a more certain result. Paying an escort for her time, companionship and, let us be honest about it, for the use of her body for sexual succour and release is often a hell of a lot cheaper than trawling bars and clubs or going on dates via Tinder and the like. It is also a lot less stressful and a lot less work and effort.

Yes, I know, you are a real man and real men do not pay for sex. Wow. We all pay for sex one way or another. At least high class escorts are honest about the price. And when you have finished with each other there is no awkward getting you or them out of the apartment, exchanging numbers that neither of you intend to call. You screw, she leaves you have an amazing memory in the wank bank. End of. And if you do the maths and add up the cost of actually getting your fairly uninspiring bonk from an amateur, an hour of real fun with a professional actually works out a s real bargain!

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