Unlock These 4 Myths About A Guy’s Grooming Session

Unlock These 4 Myths About A Guy’s Grooming Session

Looking good, dressing well, and carrying an attitude to die for are certain traits that one should keep in mind before stepping into the outer world. Gone are the days when only girls take the extra efforts to carry themselves as beauty queens. Now, we are in an age where every guy is very particular about the way he grooms himself. Grooming therefore has become very important and the proof of that is popularity of salons for males at least in metro cities. Still, there remains some myth about the grooming of a guy. Read below and know them to clear your confusion.

More shaving cream doesn’t mean a better shave. Most people think that if they put more and more cream into the razor, the result would be better. But in reality, a shaving cream is meant to protect the skin from sharp blades of the razor. That’s why if you have planned for a shaving kit as a Valentine gifts for him, you must get to know that cream which makes rich lather, not too thick and not too thin.

If you think that your body soap can work the same manner on your face, you are totally wrong. Face is a delicate part of the body and needs special attention to be maintained well. Body soaps sternly mean body soap and for your information there is a long list of companies that manufacture only face wash. Why so? It’s because face cleansers don’t work on other parts of the body. Go for a face wash instead using soap.

If a guy is teasing a girl on her sunscreen application, he should know that sunscreens are not only meant for beach or sunny days. The sun may not be bright every day but that doesn’t mean it is not out. Sun rays has harmful UV rays which may even cause skin cancer. To be on the safe side, please buy a sunscreen for yourself and save your skin from being burnt.

Any kind of growth requires some kind of attention and care. Just like we oil and shampoo our hair for a proper growth, a man’s beard also need some sort of grooming. Most men think that beard has to grow out of its natural flow and it would continue to add that macho-ness in his look. But you should know that for better facial hair growth, a specially formulated wash is there in market. This wash keeps your beard away from being itchy and patchy and gives a shine. Get this one as a Valentine special gift for him and surprise him.

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