Tips for the Best Live Pleasure for You

Tips for the Best Live Pleasure for You

All we want to know about sex, we have long been not afraid to ask. But the information on intimate topics is such a huge amount that it’s easy to get lost and get confused in it – but it’s easy to highlight the essentials that will surely help make your sex excellent, difficult. A few simple rules can greatly facilitate you and your partner this fascinating process.

Observe the partner

Each of us is a bright personality with its own character, habits and erogenous zones. However, it is often not easy for men to switch from an ex-girlfriend to a new lover, especially if a very short time has passed between the relationships. A stormy and passionate sex while still wants to not cease. Ask questions of an intimate nature on the first date – unromantic, but having eyes and see: what kind of affection and in which “hot” points on the body cause the beloved most vivid reaction. In most cases, men are so preoccupied with their lust and fear of failing to live up to their hopes that they have absolutely no time for establishing tactile contact. This is true in the LiveJasmin also.

Talk during sex

A story about an old soldier who does not know the words of love is a justification for the stronger sex. At the stage of courtship, everything is more or less tolerable – men are discreet and persuasive. But in bed, where does that go? But you should not relax: sometimes it’s better to speak than to be silent, or even better than to do anything. Compliments of appearance, figure, lovely obscenities whispered in your ear. No sex technique is capable of elevating a woman to the peak of bliss, just as a word heard and correctly spoken in time.

Do not neglect “trifles”

The point G is, of course, beautiful. However, in search of her you can spend your whole life – and not the fact that you will find. But, as a rule, the truth is always somewhere near, literally on the surface. And for most of the fair sex, clitoral orgasm is a favorite and the surest way to achieve pleasure. Do not forget about it.

Do more “these ridiculous gestures.”

Maybe you have to do a little pumping musculature and quit smoking for this, but good sex is worth it. Here masters of vaginal orgasm just get the opportunity to soar straight into the stratosphere. It should be taken into account that the frenzied pace is closer to the end of the act, but not at its beginning, unless the love game assumes unexpected and violent sex in the face of a catastrophic lack of time.

Give a look!

A man loves his eyes even in the LiveJasmine, we know that. And with all our might we try to justify the hopes of our fellow men and fellow travelers in transport. In bed the opposite is true. It is understandable, because with the help of clothing, we rather hide our shortcomings, than emphasize the virtues. It is not necessary to understand this advice as an appeal to instantly expose and present yourself “on the first demand of life-size”.

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