The making of jewelry for costumes started in the early 18th century where the people used to make ornaments from the glass. They mold the glass into some fragile piece of jewel to wear it. After a few ages when the religion of Buddhism was discovered people of that religion used to dress their Gods and make them wear the most beautiful and rarest jewel they made. They were made up of some rare and beautiful stones which they used to worship their sacred souls. They consider it holy according to their religion.

A few more centuries later there was a storm which was taking the whole world down where everybody was in a race to win other’s heart which considerably was a materialistic approach. They decided to look good from another one from every possible aspect and from there somehow started the origin of costume jewelry.


The time after the Second World War there was a new revolution where geometrical and symmetrical designs of jewels were introduced and people were so astonished looking at those beautiful designs. They had so much interest in the costumes that have the same kind of jewelry also that can mix and match also. That was the time when the concept of only round and curve jewelry was removed that people can have a wide range of products to look up for. They had so many choices to look up for. For instance, chocolate diamond earrings, bangle bracelets, long pendants, cocktail rings and ornate accessories which includes cigarette holders and cases.


Cinema and theatre play a very basic role in our history where everybody used to love watching theatre they also were into depicting the style and costumes of their favorite character. People in the theatre started the jewels matching their costume. It goes like a harmony where it matches your dress and your style. The chocolate diamond necklace was so common that people used to match it with their costumes on every big theatrical show.


The retro period is considered from the most classic ones where everything was so finely made and focused on their uniqueness only. The designs of that time were more focused on new art and our traditional touch more like and the essence of these two. They were so infused together that people were so in love with that art wear they had a lot of choices for costume inspired jewelry.

The medium for people to get in touch with all those updates were films and movies which were inspiring people that they can look up for them and can copy them also. The cheapest source for them was to get the copies of those designer wears and designed costume jewelry.


The modern period is so about fashion where everybody is so into jewelry and stuff, they don’t need to have an expert’s advice for any jewelry and costume but they are so into the fashion that they can do this on their own.

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