The cost of online dating

The cost of online dating

Dating is something we all have a different view on; some of us believe in everlasting love whilst others prefer to have a bit of non-committal fun instead. But whichever approach we decide to adopt, we will all find that dating will cost some money; after all most good things in this world have some sort of cost associated to it. So let’s take a look at the costs associated with traditional dating, then we can compare them to those involved in online dating.

Traditional datingis expensive

Traditional dating involves going out to social venues such as bars, cafes and nightclubs to meet new people. As we all remember, going out involves preparations, including buying clothes which the bouncers will be happy for us to wear in order to get allowed entry to the club. Depending on the venue, those clothes will have to be expensive brands, especially if going to a good club in affluent cities.

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Then we need to pay for our transport, which will often involve using a taxi as we will most likely get drunk, or at least have too many drinks to be able to drive home safely. So transport is an important aspect of budgeting ourselves, and we definitely want to make sure we have enough money on us or else returning home (with or without a partner) will become problematic.

Once we get to our venue, chances are that we will have to pay for an entrance fee, which is most definitely true when it comes to nightclubs. And last but not least, there comes the famous wallet killer: having to buy drinks in a bar or club. This can really amount to a lot as you need to pay for your own drinks, but also you have to buy drinks to the ladies you are interested in. Now if all goes well then at least it will be worth all the costs, but we all know that there is never any guaranty that we will be successful; and more often than not we are likely to go home alone even after having spent all of our money.

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Online dating costs

Online dating is easier on many fronts. First of all, we can determine which website we will use depending on what sort of dating we want to do. Those of us looking for love can look around traditional dating websites, whilst the more naughty adventurers can Join MySexHookups to fuck for free; and this is just one example of many dating websites who we can register to at no cost. So that’s the best thing about most dating websites: their basic registration is often free.Unlike nightclubs, you don’t have to pay to get in.

But of course, no truly good thing comes for free, and this can be applied to dating online. Whilst most basic registration is for free, we often have to pay to access the websites deeper functions so that we can properly contact new people and see all their details. So yes it is not free, but at least we are able to check out the place before committing to do any spending; which is still pretty cool.

Then of course there are all the costs associated with meeting up with someone, which will include transport as well as the cost for a few drinks, a meal, a cinema and maybe even a hotel room for the naughtier of us. But even though those do accumulate to a lot, let’s not forget that it is for an actual date, not just talking to someone in a nightclub where the music is blasting out so loud that you can’t hear half of what the other is saying.

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And let’s face it: you are much more likely to be successful at a date where you have already talked to each other online previous to meeting up; as opposed to your chances of success at a bar or nightclub. The truth is that the money you put into dating feels like money well spent, unlike when you walk home alone from a nightclub and you know you’ve just wasted a bunch of your hard-earned savings.

So which one is better?

Ultimately, it is all about how you prefer to do things. Sure nightclubs and social venues cost a lot of money and don’t offer you any guaranteed of success, but at least you can still have a good time getting a bit drunk and getting wild on the dancefloor. Online dating on the other side is a little more focused, even if it is just for a casual fling. And whilst it might be less fun meeting someone for a date than in a nightclub, at least you know what you and your date are looking for. In either case you will have to spend money, but it is true that the online method can indeed be not only cheaper, but also more successful. Why not try the two methods, and see which one suits you and your wallet best?

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