Should you sleep with your neighbour?

Should you sleep with your neighbour?

Have you ever had that hot neighbour, she could have been young or she could have been this awesome MILF? Well some people do fantasize about shagging their neighbour, it’s actually quite a common thing. However in most people’s lives they never actually get to accomplish that desire; but what if there was even a possibility that you could do it? Would you sleep with that hot neighbour, and how would you even get there at the first place?

Approaching your neighbour

So of course you will need to introduce yourself somehow. Just being polite and saying hello when you’re walking past her is a good place to start. If you live in the same block of flats then you could always find an excuse to talk to her, maybe something about the mailman or something. You’re not trying to seduce her but you do want to get some vibes to see if she likes you. She might be married after all, but there’s still no reason not to give a good impression. If you manage to find out she is single, then why not ask her out for dinner? Just go for it, take your chances, it will either work out or it won’t.

Naturally there are other methods to find people. If your neighbour is single then maybe she’s using some sort of dating site. You never know if you’re lucky you might even find that she’s using adult dating because she is looking for local bangs herself; and then it’s just a matter of sending her messages. Now to be perfectly honest that’s not likely to happen but since you’ll be using a dating site, why not carry on with your local search? Maybe another one of your neighbours, or even someone who lives close by might be on it, it’s a long shot but again lots of people do online dating these days.


As we said before the chances of that phantasy coming through are minimal, but not impossible. The thing you might want to remember is that even if it all goes well, you better make sure you’re messing with a married lady. If her and her boyfriend / husband live right next door, you’re going to be stressing out every time they have an argument; thinking she might just spill the beans. That angry boyfriend can come crushing through your door and no one wants to face the wrath of an angry boyfriend, that’s pure fact.

We know situations like this might actually turn more people on, just the idea that the risk is so close is the reason people do naughty things. It is actually probably the reason we fantasize about sleeping with our hot neighbour at the first place. The reality is that most of us won’t quite have the guts for it. Either that or maybe we’re just too nice and we don’t wish to mess around with married people; that’s actually quite a good way to be when you think about it.

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