She was kind and soft and sweet. She put others above her own needs, helping them whenever she could. Even if it meant her own destruction. She made her duty the main focus in her life. Her duty to protect and nourish and save. But even as her body began to weaken and her powers began to fade. Her eyes still held a burning fire in them, those crystal blue eyes that never seemed to go out.

And the smile on her face, she never scowled nor frowned, not once did she shout or swear. She kept a smile on her face even through all the pain, and even in her final moments had she spent protecting others, protecting the one she loved. Her life as an escort in Ibiza had not prepared her for everything. Her final moments were spent with her arms wrapped tightly around her love, shielding him from destruction. From pain.

And as she lay there taking in her last breaths. She thought on all the good times she had shared with him, the laughs and jokes, the gently smiles and warm hugs. Every promise they had made one another, she remembered every tiny detail, the way his raven hair would go into his eyes. Or the way his blue eyes would stare at her in wonder.

She only wished she had spent more time with him, that she had stopped for even one second, and smiled at him for a last time. Told him how much she loved him. In every way possible. The girl had passed when help finally arrived, with her hair covering her face and her arms locked tightly around her love. She looked so blissful, so peaceful.

Even the shouts of her brother could not make her look any less beautiful. Her soul would rest peacefully, knowing that she had fulfilled her duty as oracle, that she had helped him on his journey. That she had lived a long life, protecting those in need.

And as she disappeared from this world, she thanked the gods for allowing her to see him, just one more time. And to tell him, in a hushed, quiet voice just how much she loved him. Loved the way he fought for his land, his friends and his people. Loved his awkward ways, or the fact that he knew he would die, but accepted those consequences anyway. She closed her eyes in the afterlife and gave a smile, awaiting his return.

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