Sex chat – things not to do

Sex chat – things not to do

Those of us who have experience in online sex chat know that it is easy and fun; but we also know that there are some rules to it. You simply can’t say anything to anyone, there are limits. Furthermore, there are things you will want to do to keep your anonymity safe; as we live in an era where information can easily be used against us. So let’s check out the things you should avoid when having a good old fashioned online sex chat.

1 – Using the wrong site

Now this might not seem difficult, but the truth is that there are many different types of dating sites out there. Trust us the last thing you want is to talk dirty to people on a regular dating site; you will most likely get rejected and no one will want to hear from you. If you want sex chat near you then use the appropriate adult dating site instead; there are many to choose from, with some taking care of certain very specific niches.

2 – Giving away private details

Whether you’re talking via messages or via webcam, it is important that people do not have access to your address, phone number or even your financial details. It is easy to leave your credit card lying around on your desk and the last thing you want if for someone to see the numbers on that card when you are having a naughty skype chat. Webcams these days are actually good enough for people to make up those numbers, and it only takes a few extra bits of information before they can use your identity to make online purchases using your financial details.

3 – Getting naked

Now bear with us on that one. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t get naked online ever, but you at least need to make sure that you trust the person on the other end of the line. They could be recording you and then they could blackmail you; asking for money or else they publish the video to your family and friends on your social media. We know it sounds far-fetched but it actually happens a lot. So take your time before you get all frisky; patience definitely pays off in this situation.

4 – Violent / rude behaviour

Just because you are behind your computer screen doesn’t mean your words don’t have any effect. Furthermore, you’re not exempt from the law neither. Showing your genitals when uncalled for is still punishable; and don’t think that it’s okay because it’s online. Also, don’t threaten anyone of intimidate them in any form of way; this is just coward’s behaviour and it could land you into quite a lot of trouble. Remember that whatever you say or do will get recorded and kept on servers; so stay on your best behaviour and don’t act like a dick.

5 –Lies and more lies

We know that being online means you can forge yourself a new identity but let’s be honest here, you’re not kidding anyone. You can pretend to be a rich millionaire playboy but most people will sus it out. Also, lying isn’t just changing the truth, it is also deceiving others. We’re not saying that people need to know the whole truth about you but leading them on the wrong path is simply not good. So try to be honest and respectful, be careful with not exposing yourself too much and your naughty sex chats will bring lots of joy to your life and no nasty side-effects.

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