Online dating – just be yourself

Online dating – just be yourself

One of the things we worry about online dating is that the people we get in touch with aren’t genuine. There are a lot of stories out there about people who lie about who they are, whether it is to scam people or just because they think that’s the only way people will ever be interested in them. But here’s the thing when you lie about who you are online: it always comes back to you and not in a good way.

An honest dater

People think that because they hide behind a computer they can just pretend to be someone else. That might work on social media and forums where people never actually get to meet you in person; but dating is different. You will eventually have to meet face to face with your date and if you lied about who you are and how you look then the chance is they will find out that you were full of it the minute they meet you. Then you can just kiss your date goodbye; after all why should they spend any time with you when they know you’re being dishonest?

More truth, less success?

People often lie about themselves because they think it will increase their chances, and to an extent it does work. The idea is to get as many people interested and bending the truth can help so you will get more people contacting you. But when it comes to the moment of truth then you can kiss them goodbye; they will not hang around with someone who has just deceived them. So yes you will get more interest but ultimately you won’t get a great success at getting lucky.

Close to your own heart

The thing about being honest is that you will end up attracting people who are closer to your own heart. Sure you will get less people messaging you as you’re not trying to please everyone; but it’s better that way. Dating should be about the quality of the people rather than the quantity. Even if you’re just going for sex dating in sites like you’re better off with good partners who know what to expect rather than just lying to people to get them in bed. The result will be better and you’ll have a good time if you’re honest about things.

Discover who you are

People don’t know themselves as well as they should which is why they often feel the need to lie. They are trying to fill a gap that they feel is needed for people to accept them, but nobody is really truly boring. Your best bet if you don’t know what to say about yourself is to discover who you are, what you enjoy doing and what your principles are. The best way to do that is to live a busy life where you challenge yourself regularly. Know your limits, your positives and your defaults as they all make you who you are. No one is perfect and it’s our imperfections that make us beautiful.

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