Japanese Fetishes

Japanese Fetishes

Did you know train sex was a thing? Those crazy Asians in Japan have taken commuting to a whole new level. Well, to be honest, you can’t have sex in an actual train carriage because that’s illegal and there are about five billion people trying to cram onto a train carriage that technically holds one hundred people. Do the math? Way too many people to have sexy time and think about it, if you did have a partner who’d give you a blow job on the train, there’s a good chance you’ll get shoved and make them gag or even worse biting!!

So if you’ve ever wanted to have sex in a train carriage, there are brothels that have rooms set up to look like a train carriage.


Train sex isn’t an uncommon fetish in Japan. In fact, Japan may be at the forefront of fetishes just like they are in technology. Oddly enough as forefront as they may be, penetration sex (full service sex) is still taboo and mostly illegal.

So how do they get off legally in Japan?

There are clubs, massage parlours, and so on that cater to the groping, to the rub and tug, and blowjob fantasies of the world. If you wanted to be felt up and down while you’re on the train, there’s a club for that. Maybe you want to grope and play with someone’s naughty bits and keep their panties as a souvenir, there’s a club for that.

Unfortunately if you’re a foreigner, there’s a good chance you’ll never see the inside of any of these places as certain sex parlours do not cater to foreign customers unless you know someone who can vouch for you.

As taboo as sex may be in Japan, they have figured out how to get their jollies off legally and all in the name of fun. Leave it to the Japanese to come up with weird ideas to get away with it.

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