Is your Russian bride cheating on you by dating other men?

Is your Russian bride cheating on you by dating other men?

If you have developed an inenarrable feeling that something is not right in your relationship, you may have a certain ground for this feeling. Probably your Russian bride acts jumpy, distant, is often in a bad mood or is syropy sweet with you. Those can be telltale signs of her cheating on you.

There is not a single person in this world who cherishes the thought of being married to a cheater, but it doesn’t happen that rarely. The Institute of Illinois has conducted a survey which reaped dumbfounding results. It turned out that 16% of women and 23% of men have cheated on their brides at least once. If you think that your Russian bride is having an affair there are certain leads that may serve as a red flag for you in this delicate matter.

If your bride behaves in an excessively suspicious manner, if she snoops around your work and in general behaves as if you might be unfaithful without any apparent reason, be on high alert. It is a sign that she may be having an affair herself and is just overcompensating this way. Unjustified jealousy is possible also when a flurried woman needs more attention, so you definitely need to check what is wrong in your marriage. It may not necessarily be her cheating on you, it may be something totally different, but in either case you have to act on this situation.

It is great to be mysterious with your partner every now and then. When some mystery is thrown into our marriage life, it makes it flourish anew and shine with truly bright colors.

However, it is a totally different cup of tea when your Russian bride is suddenly very vague about her family, her work and her friends. One of the explanations is she may be distancing from you subconsciously. In this case it is a sure-fire signal you have to do something about it. May be you both just need a vacation because you are too tired at work. Another explanation is less nice – she may be withholding something from you, some information that she would rather you don’t know. Well, you are catching the drift. Be on high alert in this case.

If your Russian bride happens to know a lot of men in the neighborhood chances are she is just an outgoing person. Don’t bet your life on it though. If, each time when you go to a party, your bride happens to know some men there and seems to be at ease talking to them, it is a signal for you to be vigilant. It is true that there are women who socialize freely with other men and it doesn’t necessarily involve sleeping with them. Watch the body language of the two while they are communicating, it can tell you volumes. A casual touch or a tender glance will reveal the true status quo. In such a case don’t panic and don’t make a public scandal, continue with your observations discreetly.

Compensatory behavior and “I am at work” syndrome

If your Russian bride acts overly nicely to you, sends you tender electronic messages full of love, she may be demonstrating a typical compensation behavior. It is widely spread among cheaters who experience qualms of conscience after having been unfaithful. If she has been doing this to you since the very beginning of your courtship, it may be just a part of her character and a natural inclination, in this case you have nothing to worry about. If this came about recently and all of a sudden, take a closer look at this situation. If your relationship is rather mature and you are sure this will not harm it in any way, ask your Russian lady about this directly.

Both cheating men and unfaithful women use work as a perfect excuse to find some free time to meet their lovers whom, who knows, they may have met on this free Russian brides dating site. If your lady is not really a workaholic, but all of a sudden has developed the habit of coming home late from work, you may want to ask yourself why it is happening. In most cases people don’t change their long-established habits and life patterns. In any case, if she keeps staying late at work you both will not have much time left for a meaningful and fulfilling relationship. Devote some time to have a friendly chit-chat with your Russian bride about it.

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