Interesting dating niches in 2017

Interesting dating niches in 2017

If there is one thing we can say about dating over the last decade is that it has evolved, and that is lightly putting it. The truth is that dating websites have literally exploded; with more different niches and specialisations than ever seen before. Dating isn’t just for people in their early twenties; now every adult is involved; from the people who are looking for a life-long relationship all the way to those looking to have sex with very specific people under very particular conditions. There is literally something for everyone now; so it’s just a matter of knowing what you want and choosing. There are many new dating niches so let’s check it out.

Geek / nerd dating

Even though those are two different categories, they really exemplify how occupational dating has progressed. Basically the idea is for people with a similar passion and interests in life to get together. It makes sense, as people who have more in common will often get on well. If you have a passion for a sci-fi and horror movies, then you can find singles who are into the very same thing that you are into. Meet like-minded geeks who are into their tech and their computing; share you love of video games with someone you can share other more intimate moments… it all comes together nicely! Why try to hook up with people who don’t understand you when you can be together with like-minded companions?

MILF / Granny dating

This might sound weird but the truth is that older-women dating is one of the fastest growing sectors of dating. This is of course more on the sex-dating side of things, with a lot of younger men looking for older and more experienced women to have a good time in bed. It is true that age brings experience, with older ladies having more techniques acquired over the years than their younger counterparts. It is not just MILFS (mum I like to fuck) though, as granny dating is also seeing a massive push towards popularity with sites like For some people, it is more than just having an experienced partner but also having that older / motherly figure into their lives. Those niches are very popular because there are actually a lot of older singles out there, and a lot of them just want to have some fun at this time in their lives.

Sex / hook-up dating

Whilst this is a larger category that comprises of a lot of different niches, sex dating is constantly on the up. There are now more sex dating sites out there than we can count, and the main reason for this is actually quite simple. People have realised that traditional dating sites are not the best of places to ask people for sex. You are more likely to offend people when you message them for a naughty hook-up; which basically increases the number of rejections you face. It has become far easier to just join adult dating sites where people are actually looking for fun. You contact the right people for the right thing, it is easier, more discreet and it simply works better in terms of your chances of success. The bottom line is that there isn’t a niche you cannot find, so just pick what’s best for you!

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