Erotic Massages Prague – Take a Moment for Yourself

Erotic Massages Prague – Take a Moment for Yourself

If you are currently spending time in Prague and feel a bit bored and disgusted by other tourists, sightseeing or general bustle of big cities, erotic massage Prague studios offer are exactly what you will appreciate. Discover the infinite number of massage techniques provided by skilled and friendly professionals in cozy studios.

Erotic massages raise profound feelings of calm, peace of mind and mental stillness, which is something that most of us dream of. In case that you do not know much about erotic massages, see, for example, this website.

The offering of services is really wide. Clients can usually choose from:

  • Soapy massage
  • Nuru massage
  • Massage for couples
  • Tantra massage
  • Massage of penis or/and prostate

… and many other techniques, including footjob or lap dance.

Every erotic massage studio has the same rule – massages do not equal sex services. Do not require oral sex or sexual intercourse. Masseuses are allowed to end the massage after a proposal of this sort.

Erotic Massage Prague – Pleasure for Women

Erotic massages are, same as the whole erotic industry, primarily focused on men. Luckily for women, the restraints of female sexuality are in (almost) full retreat. It was only a matter of time before women started being interested in this kind of experience.

The most sought-after sort of erotic massages, in terms of women, are those tantric ones. The reason might be that they are performed by masseurs as much as by masseuses, which is the main requirement of most of heterosexual women. Another possible reason is the fact that tantric massages do not bring just sexual release.

What Is a Tantra Massage?

It is a unique and sophisticated ritual based on tantric philosophy and principles. It works with many layers of human body, mind and soul. Tantric massage has a variety of medical effects and brings deep psychological and physical relaxation that persists for a long time.

During the genuine tantric massage a practitioner pays high attention to client’s genitals, awakes sexual energy and distributes it throughout the entire body. If you do not care for this, just tell your masseur.

Fortunately, there is a plenty of specialized tantric studios with well-skilled therapists. So women desiring a real tantric massage do not have to worry about being deprived of the experience

Use in Couple Sex Therapy

Erotic massage also represents a kind of treatment of various sexual diseases, such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. But what are its benefits in terms of partnership sex life?

Erotic Massages for Couples

To experience this highly sensual sort of massage with your partner is a great choice for those who have decided to boost their sex life. If you are going to attend a professional massage studio, make sure that both of you know the boundaries, and make an agreement with regard to what your masseuse or masseur can do to you and your partner. Misunderstandings in this matter could cause the opposite of what you had expected.

If one of the clients is interested, it is possible to take the initiative and massage your partner by your own hands.

If you are not keen on using professional services, try to give an erotic massage to your partner at home. Here is a brief and simple instruction.

Sensuous Massage as a Form of Foreplay

Erotic massage can precede sexual intercourse. It makes the whole experience much more intense, which has a lot to do with perfect blood circulation of key parts of the body and prolonged arousal. If sex with your partner is somewhat stereotyped and boring, this is the right choice.

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