Hello dear reader! My name is Maria. I am a twenty six year old high class escort from Gdansk in Poland. I was asked recently a question that I have not heard in a little while. It came about when a client was trying to convince me that I should give him a discount because he was young, good looking and had a nicely ripped six pack. He did not get it, by the way. I am a nice person, but thqt does not mean that I am in any way simple or stupid. The question was whether professional high class escorts ever have orgasms while they are having sex with a client. Good question. My answer might not be that straight forward but it is the truth. It all depends.

Speaking personally, which is all I can of course, there are a few things that make the difference between whether I reach when I am with a paying customer. And a six pack is not one of them! Do not misunderstand, I like a good looking guy as much as the next girl. But it is really not the be all and end all. What I really like is good manners and relaxing. So a guy who just wants to say hello, get naked and screw is not going to get the job done for me no matter who he is or what he looks like, or how big his thing might be. I like to be treated with respect and good manners. Id am am having sex as a Las Palmas escort it is obviously not the same as a normal date, but emotions are emotions and physical responses are physical responses. So feeling safe, respected and liked is important.

I do not need to like the client to have sex with him – obviously – but it does help my performance and give me satisfaction if I like the paying client. And even in a professional situation I like my foreplay. So I like ti when a client asks me what I do and do not like and what we can and can not do. I am totally happy to kiss and to have a client perform oral sex on me. Actually I love both.

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