5 Fun Ideas to Spice Up Love Making

5 Fun Ideas to Spice Up Love Making

Getting stuck in a rut is never fun – especially not if it involves your love life. If you feel that you and your partner are going through a bit of an ebb and could use more excitement in your love making then there are several things that you could try to spice it up a little.

  • Bathe together

It may sound fairly mundane, but a romantic bath in a tub can be extremely sexy. Alternatively if you don’t have a tub you could shower together while slowly soaping each other up.

  • Experiment with different locales

Depending on how adventurous both of you are you could try making love in different (and exciting) places. Often changing things up can make things more interesting, and if you really want to be a bit wild you could try adding the possibility of getting caught that will undoubtedly get your adrenaline going.

  • Play out each other’s’ fantasies

Everyone has some fantasies so why not play them out with a little bit of roleplay? Discuss it with your partner and see if there’s a scenario that you both feel you’d enjoy – then give it a go.

  • Introduce some toys in the mix

Have you ever tried some of the sex toys available nowadays? There’s a lot more out there than just using a dildo or vibrator, and you and your partner could shop together and see what tickles your fancy (perhaps even literally).

  • Record yourselves

Again this may not seem mundane, but recording your love making makes it feel as though someone is watching – which can definitely provide excitement. If you don’t feel like recording your love making you could instead opt to take sexy photos of one another as a warm up.

Make no mistake there are countless other ways to spice up your love making, but at least you should now have a place to start. Just remember that not everyone has the same taste (or fetishes) and so you and your partner need to make sure you’re on the same page when you’re trying out something new.

Ideally you should try to have an open talk about anything new that you want to try out with your partner. Odds are if you feel your love making could use something different then they do too – so both of you sitting down and coming up with things to try is definitely a good plan.

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