2016 Guide to Using Sex Aids in Your Loving Relationship

2016 Guide to Using Sex Aids in Your Loving Relationship

For many couples, one of the most dreaded periods in the relationship is the point when sex becomes a chore that no one looks forward to.  At this time, some relationships get strained to the breaking point. In other relationships, the couples begin to look for other ways to spice up the sexual experience. One proven way of achieving this is through the use of sex aids.  What are the most popular sex aids used?

Get The Vibes With Vibrators

Vibrators are the go to item for couples looking for a new sexual experience and it isn’t difficult to see why this is the case. The versatility of the vibrator means it can be used on both the male and female. Using the vibrators on the clit, vaginal, balls, shaft etc. often guarantees more intense climax. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes from large vibrators to small intimate ones so there really is no reason why one or two vibrators shouldn’t be found in your toys collection.

Position Yourself as a Great Lover With Position aids

These are big hits with couples looking for sex aids.  For some couples, positioners are effective for lifting the hips or for use as support while in the doggie position. Proper support ensures comfort in the hips, arms and back thereby enhancing the pleasure from the sexual experience. A positioning ramp allows the woman enjoy reverse cowgirl for longer.  Sex harnesses, sex swings for doors and ceilings, support belts and bondage kits are all examples of popular position aids.


Role-playing costumes

In many cases, all you need to transform your sex life is to arouse the imagination. This is why role playing costumes and games have been known to be efficient in bringing fantasies to life.  When shopping for sex aids that transform the imagination, some of the most popular examples include flavoured lubricants, edible lotions, liquid latex and body paints.  Handcuffs, bondage ties, silky blindfolds, feather ticklers, soft whip, stinging crop and other such devices can also be used to heighten expectation which may be all that is required to get the juices flowing again.


When using sex aids in a loving relationship, the key is to employ and open mind so as to enjoy the experience. Sex aids allow you to learn more about yourself and your partner and you will be able to unlock the enjoyable feeling of giving pleasure instead of just the enjoyable feeling of receiving pleasure.

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