Top Five Night Clubs in Australia

Top Five Night Clubs in Australia

Australia is an amazing destination for students, travellers as well as for the local people. Moreover, it is a hub for education, parties, and culture where people enjoy it as one. Australian nightlife has great diversity and it is very hard for the party animals to decide where to go. The big cities in Australia such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth have the coolest and happening nightclubs for the party animals. Here are the top five happening clubs in Australia for a wonderful night one can ever live.

1) Home The Venue

The club is located in Sydney and has the largest party floor which has a capacity of 2100 party-goers. There are eight different halls with respect to different genres of music. The specialty of this venue is its music. Moreover, the guest DJ’s from all over the world joins in the party to make the crowd go crazy. The venue is for the people who want to groove to the music all night with drinks and food.

2) Pure Platinum

The nightlife of Sydney is more famous as compared to other cities because of the exposure of strippers. The venue Pure Platinum is small yet has the wider scope of partying. The dancers participate in Miss Nude Sydney competition and often offer an exclusive entertainment to the crowd. The combination of drinks, food, and dancers is a great exposure to any party.

3) Porky’s Nite Spot

The venue is famous for serving the best food by topless waitresses. The Porky Nite Spot is open 24 hours but the strippers enter the club by night and add all the erotic elements for the crowd. A dedicated party goer will enjoy his drinks more if any offer or discount is given on it. Porky’s Nite Spot takes care of the crowd by offering them exclusive combo offers on drinks which make the crowd go more often.

4) Dollhouse Strip Club Sydney

This night club in Sydney is unique from others as it has various events with respect to different days. It has Friday Frolics, Risky Wednesdays, Thursday a Tease, Leather and Lace Saturdays and Sneaky Sundays. The price varies from event to event and also has exclusive private shows for the crowd. Moreover, the club features in lingerie waitresses, strippers and bottle services. These exclusive services make the venue the most happening and entertaining for the crowd.

5) Minx

The venue is available for both public gatherings as well as private parties. Except for Sunday and Monday, the club is open on all days and it has the most beautiful women and erotic dancers around the club which definitely entertains the crowd at its peak. There are different categories of function such as On the QT, Private Dining, Private Function, Shut Door Lunch and Buck Nights & Group Bookings which are exclusively offered to the crowd for the special night. Apart from this, the club also has main events for the party goers which are scheduled on a particular day of the month. The Minx also has various membership cards for the regular crowd.


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