Soaring popularity of sex toys in America – Few of the most-used ones

Soaring popularity of sex toys in America – Few of the most-used ones

Sex toys are something which was once upon a time relegated to sex shops and mail-order companies. But nowadays, they’ve become mainstream. As per a survey done by Adam & Eve among 1,000 adults, 88% of the Americans claim to have used sex toys and that they are their favorite adult products which have outperformed lube, porn and lingerie. Now sex toys have gone far beyond just being the perfect gifts for bachelorette party gifts and hence there even a wide array of options for you. So, do you want to get started with a short list of products which have recently gained enough popularity? Read on.

  1. Enhancer Rings for couples

The Numero Uno Sex toy which has been designed especially for couples is the enhancer ring. It straightaway slides through his penis and jewels to create a strong erection. The vibration will hit directly on your clitoris whenever he thrusts himself in. But hey, that isn’t the only way in which you can use this sex toy. You can also experience fun by checking out the vibration sensation. You can move the vibrator in such a way so that it is just under his shaft for the best possible stimulation during having sex in doggy style. You can even make him wear it so that it vibrates in between the space of his anus and testicles. Unless you use it, you won’t know how it feels.

  1. Slim Pink Pleaser

Research suggests that women take almost 7 times longer than men to experience an orgasm. It isn’t a big deal if you’re both enjoying it but in case you want to have a quick orgasm, you can hold this slim pink vibrator against your clit as your partner thrusts in and this is perhaps the best trick to get a fast orgasm.

  1. Butterfly Kiss Vibrator

This is a sex toy which can stimulate your clitoris and also your G-spot simultaneously. When you’re doing it solo, you can try this object and you may even experiment with the right kind of positioning. If you’re not sure about where your G-spot lies, this tool can be helpful in identifying it. These are recommended by sexologists even when they advise people about the right way to get orgasm.

  1. Wet Wabbit Vibrator

Have you ever checked out the episode on Sex and the City where Charlotte buys a vibrator? Perhaps this has made such rabbit-style vibrators a huge boost in popularity. But what made this stand the test of time? When you insert this vibrator inside you, the ears hit the clitoris and this offers you an ultimate sensation. This is a waterproof sex toy and hence you can even use it underwater if you think you don’t produce too much of natural lubrication underwater.

There are websites like Cirilla’s where romance finds fantasy and you can easily look forward to your best sex toys which can please you and your partner.

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