Re Branding The Same Behaviour

Re Branding The Same Behaviour

Never mind that a large proportion of the mujaheddin being trained by the Green Berets, Special Air Service and Special Boat Service were actually Arabs, such as a certain Mr Bin Laden of whom you might have heard. He and his colleagues did not come to fight the Russians because they were communists, but because they were not moslem. Obviously that is before the now well trained and equipped Afghan muj became the Taliban. Or the well trained and well armed Arab muj re branded to Al Qaeda and took the tactics they had been taught on a world tour of famous cities and sites.

It is a bit like prostitutes became whores, and whore became hookers and hookers became call girls and call girls became Tenerife escorts and they became sex workers and so the re-branding continues. Obviously you are rather less likely to get killed by an escort than a member of Al Qaeda, but there you go.

The Irish Republican Army bombed their way to the negotitaing table so that they could finally achieve exactly what they had before their twenty year campaign started. But with much newer buildings and housing developments because the old ones had been removed. Repeatedly. At high velocity. And everyone was happy and proud of their historic achievement.

The moslem republic of Iran spent ten years at war with the moslem Republic of Iraq. Over oil fields. Not religious differences or freedom. Over oil. And after eight years of trench warfare of the kind not seen since First World War – using pretty much the same weapons – and after half a million dead, the borders stayed exactly the same as they were at the start. And they then spent the next couple of decades trying to get people to forget that the most deadly ever war for oil was between two moslem states.

So, as I say, irony reigned. For those who knew about it. And given that the work Tony was doing during the nineteen eighties had him working in (amongst others and in no particular order) Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Panama, the United States, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and Iran, he knew about it.

And that era framed Tony´s world view into two simple concepts. No good deed goes unpunished. And no plan survives contact with reality.

And, as it tends to, the world had gone out of its way to prove both those concepts to be true.

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