Everything about Meeting a Girl for the First Time!

Everything about Meeting a Girl for the First Time!

Have troubles talking to a girl? You are not alone. Men around the world have similar concerns. While some men are great at being go-getters, others need time. When you meet a woman for the first time, you need to get the start right. In this post, we will talk about the things that matter in impressing a woman like a pro.

Getting started

If you are wondering how to meet girls, there are quite a few options. For many men who are busy with their corporate life, dating apps are a good way to start. You can find endless profiles, can scan as many as you want and can select the ones you want to converse with. Of course, you can also meet girls on your casual days, at a nightclub, pub or even a regular restaurant. The avenues may change, but what is more important is the way you take the conversation ahead.

The first meeting

Women feel as awkward about first dates as men. They don’t like to be coaxed for things. If you are deciding on a place to meet, let her take the call. She needs to feel confident about your persona and being around you. When you meet, start by talking about the environment. You can ask questions about her day or complement her choice of the place. Basically, you should talk about things that the other person would want to answer.

Impress her, but go slow

Gone are times when cheesy one-liners would work. The contemporary woman is smart and knows her ways. She is extremely forward when it comes to share her opinions. You are probably keen on impressing here, but don’t be the jerk that we all know about. Let her open up and treat her the way you would treat your pals. Be friendly and keep the conversations warm and easy. Yes, make a move when the time is right, but surely not on the first date.

Share more

The first meeting with a woman should be all about sharing ideas. You need to pick up topics that allow her to talk, and at the same time, it should reflect her opinions and thoughts. You can agree on certain things, but if you don’t, be open about that, as well. Saying yes for everything won’t make things easy in the long run. Women always love men who have a mind of their own. They like to hear things that are genuine and comes from a good thought. There is no harm in denying something when you clearly don’t believe in it.

Be careful of your questions

On the first date, you don’t want to be intrusive or come off as someone who is rude and concerned about the obvious thing. Do not ask about her personal and sex life, unless she has initiated the topic. Steer clear of conversations that can eventually lead to an argument. You may also want to check if she is okay with certain topics. For example, some girls don’t like talking about their love and family life, because of the past experiences. Others may not like talking about finances. Don’t pick any of the wrong subjects.

Know where to end the conversation

Being a man who is trying to woo a girl, you can be bored too. At times, you may have other commitments. It is important to know where you can end the conversation, and ending it on the right note is equally important. You need to be careful about abrupt stops. Be open about your next meeting and give her your card, so that she can make a choice if she wants to call you later. Avoid asking for her number (if you don’t have already). Alternatively, you can choose to discuss about her next weekend and if she has time for another round of fun activity or clubbing.

Be a gentleman

Well, pulling the door, opening the door of the car or just passing a small compliment won’t hurt. Good manners can work wonders with girls, and most girls would love to hear nice things, as long as you don’t go overboard. At times, you may want to pick the bill, but if she is insisting on splitting because you both talked like buddies, agree to that.

With a little more care and attention, impressing a girl shouldn’t be a hard thing. It just takes the right approach, and for that, you just need to be yourself. Being pretentious is a crazy mistake!

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